If you have pelvic problems and are in need of high quality endometriosis treatment provided by a dedicated team of experts, then The Midlands Endometriosis Clinic is here for you.

We have assembled a very highly skilled multi-disciplinary team of specialists in the fields of gynaecology, general and colorectal surgery, urology and pain management to help you deal with the effects of endometriosis. Your needs are at the centre of what we do.

Understanding Endometriosis

Millions of women across the world are affected by endometriosis and approximately 7% of women in the UK of childbearing age may have the condition.

It is the second most prevalent gynaecological disorder after uterine fibroids and symptoms range from mild discomfort to debilitating pelvic pain. Many women with the condition find their lives severely disrupted including their work, education and social lives. Endometriosis may affect family relationships with partners, friends, children and colleagues and it may also cause difficulties in becoming pregnant.

Our Approach

Our focus at The Midlands Endometriosis Clinic is on you as our patient, and we aim to bring our experience and expertise to make your visit to our clinic as positive and helpful as possible.

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We will help you fight endometriosis by giving you a fast and clear diagnosis wherever possible, including staging of the severity of your condition. We will offer you therapeutic options available depending on your diagnosis and stage of the condition.


Our team aim to optimise your treatment in a way that is tailored to the extent of your endometriosis and to you as an individual. When surgery is required we will aim to treat your condition using laparoscopic techniques, something which is possible in the vast majority of cases that require removal of the endometriosis. In severe or extensive cases this can involve more than one gynaecologist operating and may also involve a general or urological surgeon if required.


We have the expertise and resources to help with our multidisciplinary team who are dedicated to managing patients with endometriosis, whether it is mild or extremely severe in it’s extent.

Patient Testimonials

  • I had immediate relief and I have been virtually pain free... I have been given my life back

  • I have become so much better and would recommended this clinic to anyone.